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Cotton Gins Products

Premium Fiber Conditioner

  • $.40 Per Bale Guarantee
  • Free Installation and NO SERVICE Charges
  • Eliminates Static
  • Reduces Leaf Trash
  • Disperses the water in the cotton, to assist in the dry out process
  • Helps breakdown green cotton
  • Extends saw life
  • Reduces AMPS on motors
  • Increases the efficiency of the Gin

Humid Air Mix (HAM)

  • De-calcify humidifier louvers
  • Protects fibers through out the bailing process
  • Increase the efficiency of the humidifier

Cotton Producers

Picker Plus

  • Increase efficiency in you machine
  • Keep Spindles clean in picker baler
  • Reduces fire caused by static
  • Prevents gumming on burr extractors
  • Drop leaf trash in pickers/stripper balers