Current Clients


Texas / Oklahoma

Ackerly CO-OP

Anson Coop

Arvana Gin

Ag Producers CO-OP

Texas Producers Coop (East/West)

Associated Cotton Growers

Barwise Gin

Big Spring Gin

Blackland CO-OP

Busters Gin

Caprock Gin

Carnegie CO-OP (OK)

Carson Co. Gin

Central Rolling Plains Coop

Tri-County Gin (Chattanooga, OK)

Citizens CO-OP

Clays Corner Gin

Darty Gin

East Bernard CO-OP

Ericksdahl Gin

Fairchilds CO-OP

Farmers CO-OP Exchange (OK)

Flower Grove CO-OP

Garlyn CO-OP

Glasscock Co. CO-OP

Gulf Coast CO-OP

Gregory Gin

Hale Center Gin

Haskell CO-OP

Hereford CO-OP

Knott CO-OP

Leona Valley Gin

Lubbock Cotton Growers (North)

Lonestar Ag Gin

Lonestar Gin (Pampa)

Meadow CO-OP

Midkiff CO-OP

Miles Coop

Moreman Community Gin

Moses Gin

Needmore Gin

New Tex Gin

O’Brien CO-OP

O’donnell CO-OP

Oasis Gin 

Ocho Gin

Petersburg CO-OP

Punkin Center Gin

Radium CO-OP

Red Ball Gin

Service Gin (Plainview,TX)

Service Gin (Seminole, Tx)

Slaton CO-OP

Spade CO-OP

Sparenburg Gin

Springlake CO-OP

Stamford CO-OP

Stanton CO-OP

Statewide Cotton Co.

Street Gin

Sudan CO-OP

Swisher Co. CO-OP

Taft Gin

Tarzan CO-OP

Ten-Hi Gin

Thrall Gin

Tokio CO-OP

Tri-County Producers CO-OP

True CO-OP

United Gin (Lamesa, TX)

Wall CO-OP

Welch Gin

Wellington CO-OP

Wells CO-OP

West Gin

Weinert Gin

Wingate Gin

Winter Garden CO-OP

Yoakum Co. CO-OP

South East US

Boston Gin

Cloverleaf Gin (2)

Coleys Gin 

CPS Cotton Gin

Dixon Gin (2) 

Doerun Gin (2)

Griggs Gin

Henry Co. Gin

Omega Gin

Screvin Co. Gin

Pitts Gin Company

Sowega Gin (Climax, GA)

Sowega Gin (Hartford, AL)

The Cotton Gin

The Southern Gin

Wiregrass Gin

Greene Gin

Hoke-Robeson Gin

Mid Atlantic Gin

Midway Gin

Quality Gin

D.G. & G Cotton Gin

Richardson Gin

Still Gin

Stoddard Co. Gin

Lee Wilson & Company Gin