About Us

Leading The Industry Since 1997


To provide superior products, services, and systems that increase efficiency in agriculture and satellite industries.

Created in 1997, HI-TECH was established to meet the need of cotton ginning plants to increase efficiency. The company has been creating and refining products to increase the quality and amount of lint captured during the ginning process, while decreasing wear and tear on machinery in the plant for 20 years. We have established our self as an honest, diligent, and effective firm. We strive to constantly improve our products while maintaining the high quality of service for which the company is known. HI-TECH is a company owned by cotton producers that understand the needs of both producers and gin plants. We manufacture and distribute our products to producers and gin plants to increase harvesting and ginning ability. HI-TECH currently operates across the majority of the cotton belt in the United States from the Mid-South into New Mexico, with the upcoming addition of Arizona.

Meet the Team

Texas - Oklahoma

Russell Sewell

Duane Welch

Skylar Neitsch